Supply, field deployment and maintenance of switch/ control equipment,
plugs and connectors

For control, distribution, electro-mechanical, motor control centres and automatic systems/ applications. Examples of applications include SMART GRID; Industrial and factory automation and monitoring; process control and safety

 ‘Grid’ includes wires, substations, transformers, switches and much more
  that help carry electricity from the plants where they are generated to   consumers in a power utility network. ‘Smart Grid’ refers to using computer-
  based remote control and automation to provide utility electricity.
  It includes adding two-way digital communication technology to devices   associated with the grid such that each device on the utility power network can
  be given sensors to gather data (power meters, voltage sensors, fault   detectors, etc); allow for each device to be adjusted/ controlled remotely from   the utility’s network operations centre.
  Smart Grid ensures that a power network is regulated, efficient, reliable,
  self-healing and provides for effectively moving power from point to point.
  Regulation is achieved by monitoring loads and needs of consumers via an
  efficient network of digital devices and making power available to meet the
  varying consumer power needs at different locations.

systems; etc

SCADA Systems for real time remote monitoring and control of facilities

We deploy for several uses/ applications including electricity distribution; oil & gas pipelines and operations monitoring; water systems; etc. We deploy architectures that help build new systems and easily expand existing ones; communicate with remote sites over wires, fibre optics as well as a variety of advanced analog, digital broadband wireless media and a range of data protocols. The system/ technology we deploy provides for reliability and security.

Energy Management System

We carry out Energy Reviews by identifying energy uses/users, determining major energy consumptions/consumers, and determining energy efficiencies of energy systems/equipment.
We also establish Energy Baseline and Energy Performance Indicators (EnPIs). Our services also include Monitoring, Measurement and Analysis of Energy systems
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Design, Deployment and Maintenance of General Business Software

We provide custom fit software applications to meet your specific needs. This stems from our loop back system adopted during the design stage to ensure the process flow of the software/ application is in line with actual work process and your specific needs/ requirements are met. We also provide after sales support and maintenance. Some applications we provide and maintain include:

  • Logistics
  • Personnel (HR)
  • Document Administration
  • Project management, etc

Solar/ Backup Power Systems

We design and implement solar/ backup power systems to meet varying alternative power needs including powering home appliances; offices; farms (e.g. fish, birds); ATMs for banks; holiday or vacation homes without access to the electricity grid; rural water supply projects; road traffic warning signals; to power environmental monitoring equipment and corrosion protection systems for pipelines, well-heads, etc. Our design consideration include systems to ensure minimal maintenance and long life span of batteries by use of intelligent inverters/ modern solar charge controllers which help with battery charge level monitoring, battery temperature monitoring, excessive load cut off, etc

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