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Energy Management System

Energy Data Analysis, Interpretation & Developing Energy Review Report:

  • Evaluate past and present energy use and consumption
  • Identify relevant variables affecting significant energy uses
  • Determine current energy efficiency of equipment, systems and processes
  • Estimate future energy use and consumption.

Energy Baseline and Energy Performance Indicators (EnPIs)

  • Establish an Energy Baseline considering a data period
  • Determine changes in energy performance against set energy baseline.
  • EnPIs shall be identified and shall be appropriate for monitoring and measuring energy performance.

Energy objectives, targets and management action plan

  • Establish objectives and targets considering legal requirements, significant energy uses and opportunities to improve performance, consider technological options and views of interested parties
  • Action plan shall include statement of the method by which an improvement in energy performance shall be verified
  • Action plan shall include a statement of the method of verifying the results.
  • Energy Management System (EnMS) Improvement Plan.

Energy Management System Manual & Energy Document Register

  • Define energy management processes as required by the ISO 50001 standard and document same  Provide a master document register for energy procedures.
  • Monitoring, measurement & analysis of energy systems procedure
  • Determine key characteristics of organization’s operations that determine energy performance and that would be monitored, measured and analysed at planned intervals
  • Define energy measurement plan
  • Define ways of establishing accuracy and repeatability to measurements
  • Defining significant deviations in energy performance.